The Print Shop Club

The Print Shop Club will transport you back to 1984, when you first discovered what marvelous things you can do with a computer! Broderbund’s program called The Print Shop allowed us to design signs, banners, and even our own greeting cards on our Apple II home computers, and that was quite exciting. Except this version doesn’t feed our banners to our dot-matrix printer loaded with fanfold paper, but converts our creations to .pdfs for sharing …or even printing, if you choose to do so.

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Once you try it out, you’ll also remember what a pain that all was, and realize that the value of this throwback, while nostalgic, is also to show our kids what we went through to become the computer whizzes that we are today. Melody and April Ayres-Griffiths created this application to pay tribute to David Balsam and Martin Kahn, who created The Print Shop and exposed a generation of children (and adults) to the wonders of computing. -via Metafilter

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