The prominent nose of Zan von Zed’s fierce females

Unlike other artists, Zan von Zed, a doodler and painter from Sydney, Australia does not usually have back stories for her art. Most, if not all, of her masterpieces, are pencil-drawing of fierce females. In an interview with Beautiful Bizarre, she admitted to drawing without a plan. She generally just begins with a face and let the drawing evolve. As for the prominent noses, there’s not much of a message she wants to send. It’s just her plain liking for faces with prominent real noses, contrary to the whittled-down, Hollywood cookie-cutter ones depicted everywhere. Needless to say, this adds an extra oomph to the strength and dignity these females offer.

For Zan, drawing is an outlet. And interestingly, she gets inspiration from Pinterest and Tumblr. She usually completes a painting within two 2 days if using watercolor, one day for colored drawing, and weeks for an oil painting. For more of this artist’s beautiful creations, visit her website, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. Enjoy!

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