The Pun-Filled World of Scottish Gritters

For the last few weeks, everyone and their brother has suggested I post about the charming snowplows of Scotland. I resisted doing so, because we featured them here three years ago. However, some may have missed it. The snow trucks are called gritters because they spread sand behind them for traction. Each Scottish gritter has an imaginative name, and you can find them on the Gritter Tracker. Their punny names include:

Snowbegone Kenobi
Spready Mercury
Sled Zeppelin
The Great Grittish Flake-Off
You’re a Blizzard Harry
Gritly Come Dancing

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London also got into the game by naming one gritter Blizzard of Oz, which is a poor attempt at Scottish-level punry. Read more about Scotland’s gritter armada at The Herald.

Source: neatorama

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