The Quest for the Irish Atlantis

According to Irish legend, there is an island about 200 miles west of Ireland that only emerges from the sea once every seven years. That’s Hy-Brasil, home to the pagan gods of old, or else a lone magician in his castle (which reminds us of a certain solitary retired Jedi master). There are plenty of Hy-Brasil sightings, and a few stories of those who claimed to have visited it, mostly told second hand or referencing older, lost writings.    

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The legend of the Hy-Brasil eventually traveled outside Ireland, and began popping up on maps belonging to explorers with really primo explorer names, like Angelino Dulcert, Abraham Ortelius, Gerardus Mercator – the list goes on. The point is, this went on for another five centuries, on over 300 nautical charts. Everyone who was anyone walking talking Hy-Brasil. In the words of Shakira, the maps don’t lie:

Of course, we know that maps do lie sometimes. But there is that one story from a Captain Nisbet, who claims to have stayed on Hy-Brasil and met the magician. Even if it is only a legend, there are as many explanations for such claims as there are islands around Ireland. Read about Hy-Brasil at Messy Nessy Chic.

Source: neatorama

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