The Rabbit Line Carries Radioactive Isotopes Underground in Vancouver

My local hospital recently installed a system of pneumatic tubes. They send test samples to the lab and deliver drugs from the pharmacy with it, all in one building. This is a quantum leap above that. Tom Scott is at the University of British Columbia, where he’s investigating the Rabbit Line that sends radioactive materials from a particle accelerator to a hospital a couple of miles away. Since these isotopes have a very short half-life, they are sent by underground pneumatic tubes because they’d never survive a car ride in Vancouver traffic. We find out what these isotopes are about and how they are used. It’s a pretty neat system.

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But what threw me was Tom’s question that no one could answer, he says. Why is it called the Rabbit Line? Duh, has he never seen a Bug Bunny cartoon? The ones where the rabbit digs underground so fast he misses the left turn at Albuquerque? Makes plenty of sense to me.

Source: neatorama

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