The Race to Alaska

This morning, the 2017 Race to Alaska begins. Dozens of boats will take off from Port Townsend, Washington, headed for Ketchikan, Alaska, a distance of about 750 miles. Boats can be wind-powered or human-powered, but no engines are allowed. The website explains,

It’s like the Iditarod, on a boat, with a chance of drowning, being run down by a freighter, or eaten by a grizzly bear. There are squalls, killer whales, tidal currents that run upwards of 20 miles an hour, and some of the most beautiful scenery on earth.

The winning team will receive $10,000, and the second-place finishers will receive a set of steak knives.The FAQs are fairly entertaining, as are the names of the participating teams and boats. Since the party was last night, some of the crew members will be hungover and/or sporting new tattoos. You can follow the race as it happens with this tracker. Watch an explainer from CBS Sunday Morning. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Race To Alaska by Northwest Maritime Center)

Source: neatorama

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