The Rations for the Continental Army in 1776

Americans learn in elementary school that the Continental Army suffered terrible conditions, especially at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-78. By February, they didn’t have enough food nor warm clothing, and influenza swept through the camp. More thorough accounts tell us that the conditions weren’t nearly as dire as your fourth grade teacher led you to believe (she was a drama queen), but there were supply line problems, which Washington worked hard to fix.

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The truth is that the soldiers of the Continental Army ate pretty good most of the time. The documented rations for troops included a half-pound of beef every day, plus a half-pound of pork. If pork wasn’t available, they got a pound and a quarter of beef! They were issued a quart of “good spruce or malt beer or cider.” Every day. They were also supplied with bread, vegetables, soup, etc, which you can read about at Cracked, where they compare the revolutionary soldiers’ food with the modern barbecues we enjoy today in celebration of their bravery.

Source: neatorama

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