The Real Scientist Behind the Atomic Bomb is Revealed

When the US government launched the Manhattan Project during World War II, they went all out to recruit the best scientists available. That’s how they found J. Robert Oppenheimer and named him to head the secret laboratory at Los Alamos. And that’s why there’s a movie about him now. But there’s still more to the story. The untold account involves a scientist you may know who was right there in New Mexico already. Alternative Cuts is not afraid to tell the story of how Walter White lent his expertise to the making of the atomic bomb, quite enthusiastically, as it turns out. We still haven’t figured out why he insisted on bringing along his dimwitted assistant Jesse Pinkman, though. White was omitted from the history books because he’s shy and really didn’t want the publicity. Enjoy this clever mashup of the movie Oppenheimer with the erstwhile TV series Breaking Bad. -via Laughing Squid 

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Source: neatorama

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