The ‘Repaintings’ Community Is Dedicated To People Personalizing Thrift Store Art With Their Own Artistic Touch, And It’s Amazing (122 Pics)

We know how much you love art, illustrations, and paintings, dear Pandas, so we’ve got a treat in store for you today. Say hello to the ‘Repaintings’ subreddit where people from all over the internet share their imaginative creations.

The community isn’t dedicated to just any old paintings, however. No, sirree! The nearly 123k-member-strong online group is meant for repainted secondhand art. People grab a painting from their local thrift shop, garage sale, secondhand store, or even trash bin, bring it home, and add in some awesome new additions with a paintbrush. The results are genuinely cool and we couldn’t wait to share them with you. Remember to upvote the pics that you enjoyed the most.

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If you’re anything like me and you’re just itching to give repainting a try, be sure to let us know how that went. And don’t forget to follow r/Repaintings if you love their stuff as much we do.

#1 A Repaint I Finished A Few Days Ago – I Auctioned It To Raise Money For The Hunger Project…

Image credits: davepollotart

#2 “Prepare For Trouble.” I Always Knew I Wanted To Add A Hot Air Balloon But Originally I Planned To Add Rocky And Bullwinkle. I Think The Meowth Balloon Was A Better Idea.

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#3 Jake The Dog

Image credits: ramshackleray

Plenty of these repaintings feature characters and icons from pop culture, beloved TV shows and movies, as well as some well-known brands. Others, however, are completely original additions that formed in the artists’ minds.

Founded back in 2014, the r/Repaintings subreddit celebrated its 7th birthday in mid-February. Over the years, they’ve amassed a huge collection of upgraded secondhand paintings that any modern museum would be proud to feature.

#4 Painting-Bomb!

Image credits: rrrrreeeeeddddd

#5 “Whom Will Thou Call?” Acrylic On Old Art Print. She Used To Be Holding A Guitar And I Swapped It Out

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#6 Unsolved Mystery…

Image credits: davepollotart

“Find a painting at a garage sale, thrift store, or in the trash and repaint it. Add some monsters! Add a UFO! Some lasers? Don’t mind if I do! Post the results. Before and After pics appreciated,” the subreddit moderators invite redditors and random tourists from all corners of the internet to get their hands dirty with paint and let their creativity loose.

However much technology might change, there’s still something about analog tech that just can’t be beaten. I’m all for digital art, but traditional techniques hold a special place in my heart (just like physical books). So you can imagine how happy I was to read that the ‘Repaintings’ group only allows for “traditionally repainted works with real physical paint.” Sorry, digital art, this time, you won’t be in the spotlight, no matter how much we love you.

#7 All Work And No Play – I Had A Lot Of Fun Painting This One!

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Image credits: davepollotart

#8 Nautical Nonsense – Acrylic Paint On A Thrifted Art Print

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#9 Repainting Or Original?

Image credits: orqa

Finding a secondhand painting to repaint might be harder than you think during the Covid-19 pandemic. Previously, Bored Panda learned all about the massive changes to how thrift stores function during the endless worldwide lockdowns. With worries of a third coronavirus wave mixed in with loosening regulations here and there, the rules are constantly changing.

#10 Repainted-Thrift-Store-Paintings

Image credits: gcaseyjik

#11 My Childhood Heroes Meet Again In The Black Forest

Image credits: stfnbn

#12 Here Is My First Attempt At Doing A Repainting, I Couldn’t Be Happier With How It Turned Out! 🙂

Image credits: OhoBenderez

In an interview with the Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared Facebook group team, Bored Panda earlier learned that plenty of thrift stores have moved to online ordering while the pandemic continues to rage on.

“Some even have curbside pickup, so we recommend checking with your favorite stores to see if they’ve done this,” one of the Weird Secondhand Finds team members gave some advice to those of us who have an urge to go secondhand shopping.

#13 My Glow In The Dark Repainting From A While Ago

Image credits: keuerle

#14 Beaches…

Image credits: davepollotart

#15 I Found And Altered Blue Boy A Couple Years Ago. So When I Found Pinkie In A Thrift Store I Was Thrilled! She Had To Have A Helmet Of Her Own.

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

What’s more, you can use social media to keep track of your favorite local shops: from what’s new in stock to ordering what you want in advance so you don’t physically have to go to the shop. All you need to do is find what you like online, order it, and then either pick it up yourself or wait for a delivery to your home. That’s certainly one way to get access to thrift store paintings while staying safe.

#16 This Belongs Here

Image credits: MajorBlink

#17 “Great Harvest Of The Single Slice” – David Irvine March 2020

Image credits: TheGnarledBranch

#18 Batman Family Portrait. Bought It At Roscos In Portland Or On A Drunken Whim. Best $10 Dollar Purchase Ever

Image credits: gstar73

“Following your favorite shops Facebook pages is also recommended so you can stay up to date on what they’re doing as well as get quicker notice when they have sales, new items listed, etc. That way you can safely thrift from the comfort of your own home while still supporting your local shops.”

#19 Trying My Hand At Repainting

Image credits: steenstn

#20 ???? ?

Image credits: DPJ333

#21 First Painting Of This Year

Image credits: schnauby30

Along with a rise in digital secondhand shopping, more and more stores are taking up safety precautions like the mandatory wearing of masks, limiting the number of customers, providing disinfectant for your hands, enforcing social distancing, erecting plexiglass protectors at counters, etc. This way, those stores that are open are able to reduce the risk of infection for staff and customers alike.

#22 Thrift And Drift

Image credits: davepollotart

#23 Flying Saucer Aliens By Banksy

Image credits: Paulybiscuit

#24 I Thought This Scene Looked Like A Place Darth Vader Would Go To Bask In His Loneliness.

Image credits: Ubadishnard

#25 I Added Googly Eyes To This Thrift Store Nature Photography. It’s Hanging In My Dining Room.

Image credits: eyebrowshampoo

#26 “The Lover, The Dreamer, And Me” Repainted A Couple Years Ago.

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#27 “Waterfront Property” … Sometimes A Cross Section Of The Skin Needs To Be Painted.

Image credits: TheGnarledBranch

#28 Me Before 2020 And Me After 2020.

Image credits: DPJ333

#29 Added The Beast To This Already Creepy Painting

Image credits: schnauby30

#30 For A Year Now I’m Giving New Life To 2nd Hand Wall Plates And Transforming Them In To Very Ugly Plates And This Beauty Is One Of Them

Image credits: milczak

#31 Sky Waffles

Image credits: Vartoons

#32 I Had Planned On Adding Buzz Lightyear But Was Persuaded To Add Alice Instead. I Think She Was The Right Choice.

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#33 Come With Me And You’ll Be In A World Of Pure Imagination…

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#34 Found A Cool Print At Thrift…thought It Could Use Some Krakens!

Image credits: Animal_Pharmacy

#35 I Bought A Print From A Thrift Store And Felt Like It Needed A Cat!

Image credits: Technicallynotrobots

#36 Monster Flowers

Image credits: schnauby30

#37 This Little Boy Was Eating Some Cookies, But His Fingers Were Perfect For A Good Ole Fashioned Jazz Cigarette

Image credits: Vulpixie_

#38 I Paint Campers On Animal Prints I Find In Thrift Stores. Enjoy!

Image credits: takingdoubleu

#39 Kirby’s Dream Land. The Additions Include Kirby, The Whispy Woods, And A Red Apple.

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#40 Helpful Bunny

Image credits: Vartoons

#41 Getting In The Hallowe’en Spirit… “Carving Pumpkins” A Piece I Did A Couple Of Years Ago. Enjoy.

Image credits: TheGnarledBranch

#42 Created This About Three Years Ago For A Coworker Who Got Me The Job. “Boy Loses Kite”

Image credits: dinodiscount

#43 Found A Nice Ship Battle Painting At Goodwill. Thought It Had Too Much Empty Space.(My First Time Painting Anything That’s Not A Wall)

Image credits:

#44 Thought This Lake Needed A Friendly Creature!

Image credits: Fiftydollarvolvo

#45 Because Brian And Stewie Can Never Have Too Many Duets. Acrylic Paint On A Thrift Art Print.

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#46 I Added Star Wars To Another Thrift Store Painting In Quarantine.

Image credits: DaveRuinsArt

#47 Astronauts Need A Vacation Too

Image credits: cloud-submarine

#48 I Did My First Repainting Recently!

Image credits: i-am-mothman

#49 Been Wondering What To Paint Over This Old Thrift Store Art For Some Time. Thanks Bernie! ??

Image credits: MTGKozan

#50 First Repaint!

Image credits: Roostercalled

#51 Does This Count?

Image credits: slimb-o

#52 Make America Great. My First Political Piece And I’m Slightly Nervous Posting As A Brit As So Many Of You Are American I Think?

Image credits: SallyFaulkes

#53 Found This Bad Boy In The Trash, It Needed Some Dinosaurs.

Image credits: Gdizzle42

#54 Skipping Rocks

Image credits: schnauby30

#55 Mine Isn’t As Cool As Some Of These Others, I Just Taped Off A Piece My Husband Brought Home From His Office When They Remodeled. It Gets A Lot Of Compliments Though.

Image credits: Sabrinacolada

#56 Simple Addition To This Painting.

Image credits: Tom-Braider

#57 Prime Rib And Roses

Image credits: TheGnarledBranch

#58 A Perfect Piece To Add A Cracken.

Image credits: Kinderfeld88

#59 “2020 In The West Garden”…i Did A Small Series Of 3 Paintings Featuring 2020. This Is The 2nd Piece.

Image credits: TheGnarledBranch

#60 Neuschwanstein Or Hogwarts? Acrylic On Vintage Paint-By-Number

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#61 The Ferryman Approaches

Image credits: TheGnarledBranch

#62 Local Coffeehouse Had These Awesome Guys On Display/For Sale

Image credits: tikrpl

#63 I Am An Art Dealer And Appraiser, And This Is One Of My Most Favorite Additions To The Collection.

Image credits: snidece

#64 Donkey Kong

Image credits: Vartoons

#65 Handsome Squidward’s Head Was Too Perfect For This One. It’s Turned Into One Of My Favorite Repaintings Yet. ?

Image credits: MTGKozan

#66 Best Find At A Thrift Store

Image credits: JiveMonkey

#67 My $4 Thrifted Repainting 🙂 Not Sure Who Made It But I Love It!

Image credits: aerobicyeti

#68 The Perfect Painting Doesn’t Exi-

Image credits: tekazgtr1984

#69 “Suddenly”.. ( “The Scream” Repainting ), Me, Oil, 2021

Image credits: myriyevskyy

#70 Regroup…

Image credits: davepollotart

#71 *not My Painting* I Follow Jim Valeri On Instagram And He Does Amazing Repaintings. He Said He’s Not On Reddit But I Feel Like You All Need To See His Work. His Handle On Ig Is He Shared This Today And I Loved It!

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#72 Found This Little Soap Dispenser At Goodwill For $0.99. Decided To Make A Chonky Pennywise!

Image credits: XJuiceXBocksX

#73 “Sunday Morning Stroll” Replaced Formal Pond With Swan And Lily Pads With Something A Little More Dynamic…

Image credits: TheGnarledBranch

#74 Painted This For A Friend Who Just Graduated University Of Michigan, Wanted To Remind Him Of Times He Probably Doesn’t Remember.

Image credits: DPJ333

#75 Dog Fight On Hoth

Image credits: DaveRuinsArt

#76 Made This Old Thrift Store Art Into An Epic Mario Kart Race Track! My First Time Ever Painting Characters In Oil Paint. Very Challenging But I Absolutely Love How This Turned Out!

Image credits: MTGKozan

#77 My Tribute To The Best Star Wars Character, Entitled “Jar Jar Thinks”

Image credits: DPJ333

#78 Iron Giant

Image credits: ramshackleray

#79 Rip Dennis Nedry.

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#80 Oh Joy

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#81 My Daughter Is 5 And Has No Idea Repainting Is Even A Thing.. And Yet I Found These Today. So Proud!

Image credits: myrmagic

#82 Could You Please Say “Hi” To Peany? ?

Image credits: lupiloopdiloop

#83 Still Want To Believe??

Image credits: davepollotart

#84 “When Startled…”, Oil On Thrift Store Wildlife Painting.

Image credits: chr15to

#85 Hellmo (Still Working On It)

Image credits: Mtt76812

#86 My Dad Is Really Proud Of His Creature From The Black Lagoon

Image credits: samantha_parkington

#87 I’m Going To Try To Limit Myself To Only Posting One Painting A Day, But Here’s A Painting I Did Of A Demo Dog From Stranger Things.

Image credits: DPJ333

#88 Sand Worm

Image credits: Vartoons

#89 This Tall Guy Broke A Branch.

Image credits: schnauby30

#90 Hey Everyone! I’m New To Reddit But I’ve Been Doing Repaintings For About A Year After Discovering The Art Form On Instagram And Using It To Help Me Cope With Depression. Here Is Some Of My Work I Hope To Become An Avid Member Of This Community Everyone’s Work Here Is So Good!

Image credits: DPJ333

#91 We Can’t Stop Here, This Is Rabbit Country

Image credits: Slogfarts

#92 Painting I Found In A Shop. Should Have Bought It.

Image credits: kolfa

#93 A Little Little Landscape That Needed Color… And A Gnome. Done With Oils.

Image credits: katpaints

#94 In Utah, A Third Of The Paintings You Find At The Thrift Store Are Mormon Ones. As Someone Who Grew Up Mormon And Left, This Makes Me Laugh So Hard.

Image credits: eymerin

#95 Not Mine. Friend Did This, Hes Not On Reddit.

Image credits: kleverone

#96 New Follower Painting From Goodwill

Image credits: fijistudios

#97 ??? ????? ??: ?????? ?? ??? ??????

Image credits: DPJ333

#98 Another Very Ugly Plate I Made. For Almost A Year I’m Giving A New Life To Wall Plates And Transforming Them In To Very Ugly Plates

Image credits: milczak

#99 And You Thought They Only Existed In Warp Pipes…

Image credits: MTGKozan

#100 Cherries Are 100 Points

Image credits: OldUglyArtHoarder

#101 I Had Fun With This… Before/After Acrylic On Found Print.

Image credits: elhenrucho

#102 I Don’t Know Much About The Original Painter Robert Wood. But He Has Now Provided Me With Many Landscapes To “Modify”.

Image credits: TheBrotherMark

#103 Second Version Of Living In A Van Down By The River…commission Piece

Image credits: TheGnarledBranch

#104 An Honest Day’s Work

Image credits: Vartoons

#105 I Had No Clue There Was A Community For This! Be Kind, I’m Not Much Of An Artist. I Had A Lot Of Fun Making This.

Image credits: ShutUpYouNerds

#106 ???? ????? ????? ????? ????? ??????????????

Image credits: DPJ333

#107 Strange New Planet

Image credits: Vartoons

#108 Tube Man Made Today, Broadcasted On R/Theartiststudio

Image credits: nerdyberdy

#109 Here’s A Howl’s Moving Castle Painting I Did Pretty Early Into This Year. Really Happy How It Turned Out!

Image credits: DPJ333

#110 “Don’t Feed The Animals”

Image credits: schnauby30

#111 Had A Friend Of Mine Do This Repainting Of An Old Goodwill Find A Few Years Ago. It’s Been Above Our Bed Ever Since!

Image credits: UniformFox_trotOscar

#112 I Can’t Believe It’s December Now, So Here’s Garfield And Odie Having Some Fun In The Snow.

Image credits: DPJ333

#113 Added Some Monsters. Might Have To Zoom In A Little 🙂

Image credits: Tom-Braider

#114 Oh Bother

Image credits: ihatewhitepaint

#115 Found This Gem A Thrift Store. Not Sure Where It Came From But It’s One Of My Favorite Paintings.

Image credits: minolikeafish

#116 Bath Time

Image credits: schnauby30

#117 A Young Saurian Reading

Image credits: Jabberwocky1991

#118 Stumbled Upon This Work Of Art

Image credits: skhaleesi

#119 Happy Friday Everyone. Here Is A More Abstract Piece I Call “Island Of Plank”. Anyone Else Love Ed, Edd And Eddy?

Image credits: DPJ333

#120 Here Is A Fun Lilo & Stitch Painting I Did. The Flavor Of Ice Cream Is Mint Chocolate Chip If Anyone Is Wondering.

Image credits: DPJ333

#121 Away Party.

Image credits: tripperfunster

#122 Another Older Painting, Currently Covers My Electrical Box In My Kid’splayroom. Calvin And Hobbes And Robert Wood

Image credits: dinodiscount


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