The Rhino Cart: A Heavy-Duty Moving Dolly

“Specifically designed to conquer uneven and rough surfaces while carrying a heavy load,” the Rhino Cart has something the average moving dolly doesn’t: Eight urethane wheels, four to a side. The arrangement makes it easier to get heavy stuff over “cracks, thresholds, ramps, transitions, stones, cords, and even 2×4’s,” the company writes.

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The smart design allows it to telescope wider or narrower, to perfectly fit whatever you’re schlepping. The two sides can also be separated altogether, to tackle wide objects like shipping pallets or even sofas.

Despite the “all terrain” description on their website, the company allows that a hard-pack dirt driveway is about the limits of what terrain it can handle; “loose gravel, soft dirt, sand, or mud” will stop the cart in its tracks.

Even still, it’s rated for 1,500 pounds and should serve movers or DIYers well in situations where you’d use a dolly. The demos seem convincing:

Rhino Carts are made in the U.S.A. and run $140 a pop.

Source: core77

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