The Silent Ladder: A Non-Pretentious Clothes Valet

“Pretentious” is how veteran industrial designer Christoph Böninger describes the classic clothes valet, which is also colloquially called a Silent Servant. “The classic rung ladder works just as well,” he says. Thus Böninger designed this Silent Ladder:

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“[The goal was] to change a ladder as little as possible and still meet all the expectations of a Silent Servant: the hanger for the jacket with a leather tray for the watch and cufflinks, the rod for the trousers, another rack for shirts and a large step, e.g. for shoes.”

“By the way, [it’s] also ideal as a stepladder.”

“The semicircular ladder rails are made of ash, the shelves and rungs are made of oak. The lighter ash wood stands out beautifully against the dark oak wood and thus underlines the character.”

The Silent Ladder is in production by Böninger’s Auerberg design brand, which he founded in 2010.

Source: core77

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