The Skills of a Professional Jump Roper

How much do you know about professional jump rope? If you’re like me, nothing at all. For most of us, it’s a kid’s game or a workout exercise. And often, It’s an opportunity for humiliation or injury. But jump rope is also a niche sport that has its own culture, tournaments, and world records. Professional jump rope expert Tori Boggs is the best in the world in many different jump rope skills, and holds several world records. Boggs has been doing this since she was five years old. Watch some of the things she can do makes you appreciate her amazing power, timing, and endurance, deployed all at the same time. Lucky for us, this video shows what she can do in slow-motion a lot of the time, otherwise we wouldn’t even know what’s really going on. Besides that, the joy and enthusiasm she has for what she does is great to watch.  -via Kottke

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Source: neatorama

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