The SmartDesk All-In-One 72″ Touchscreen Standing Desk Workstation

The SmartDesk All-In-One 72″ Touchscreen Standing Desk Workstation

Traditionally all-in-one workstations integrate computer hardware into the form factor of a monitor, in turn reducing the amount of desk space required and cable/cord connections. The Cemtrex SmartDesk takes the concept several steps further, stitching three separate 24″ IPS touchscreen displays into one enormous 72″ expanse of screens all connected to a Windows PC (powered by a 8th Generation Intel Core i7) built into an adjustable standing desk.

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The goal to eliminate the glut of connections usually associated with computer peripherals results in a singular multi-screen setup, with computer and accessories all hidden into a cohesive workstation. A 13 megapixel scanner, wireless charging system across the desk surface for mobile devices, and a built-in keyboard and trackpad are also integrated into the automatic standing desk.

A section of the Smartdesk surface is equipped for Qi wireless charging, further eliminating the need for cords and cables.

In general most users see productivity improve with a larger amount of screen real estate, most notably with the addition of an extra screen (though curiously productivity falls with screens larger than 26″). Theoretically, this makes the SmartDesk’s trio of 24″ screens stitched and angled inward toward the user an optimal setup for those operating with a multitude of applications/windows open.

A lone power cable keeps the entire system powered.

The SmartDesk uses a proprietary touch and/or touchless gesture system Cemtrex has bestowed with the name STARK, a none-too-subtle nod to a fictional genius industrialist/technologist known for his collection of bleeding edge gadgets. Supposedly users will be able to navigate operating system operations with a few simple gestures, optimizing productivity.

The SmartDesk integrates a personal computer with an immersive layout of three touchscreens, built into the form factor of an automatic and adjustable standing desk.

Everything about the SmartDesk is optimized for seamless multitasking and the elimination of excess cables and cords normally cluttering the workspace.

Minus the proprietary gesture system and built-in construction, anyone with a modicum of knowledge about computer hardware can piece together a similar standup desk computer system, and likely for less than the SmartDesk’s $3,999 retail price. But just as the iMac revolutionized the all-in-one solution in 1998, Cemtrex too hopes their all-in-one, one-stop solution may appeal to those seeking the ultimate standing desk computer system without the worry and hassle of compatibility.

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