The Smooth, Soft, and Electrifying ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat

The Smooth, Soft, and Electrifying ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat

Hear me out: a desk mat is an unheralded home office accessory that everyone who works from home and at a computer should own. A well designed desk mat smooths out the feel of the mouse as your move it across the surface, softens where your wrists might rest upon throughout the day, dampens keyboard noises, and of course, protects the desk surface from scratches or other small blemishes. I honestly don’t know how I once worked with only the scant coverage of a mouse pad. I might as well have relied upon a napkin or doily!

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The JOURNEY ALTI Desk Mat does everything of a typical desk mat and a bit more, adding wireless charging for up to two wireless devices while also offering two surface options to appease whether your tactile preference skews plush or smooth.

The ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat in light grey on desk shown with white Apple keyboard and mouse in middle, charing iPhone and Airpods with corner right hand curled up to show gray felt.

Light grey ALTI wireless keyboard with black keyboard to the right and phone to the side of wireless charging pad.

There’s no use in buying a small desk mat; you’re better off settling for a mouse pad if desk space demands staying within modest bounds. Fortunately the ALTI spans nearly 31-inches wide and 15-inches deep, resulting in a pad that’s large enough to accommodate for nearly any typical keyboard and mouse setup with room to spare. Available in Black or Light Grey, these desk mats are reversible, with one side covered in smooth vegan leather and a plush felt surface on the other. It’s hard imagine choosing any side other than the waterproof vegan leather side if convenient cleaning is a concern/habit.

All black keyboard and mouse on top of black ALTI wireless desk mat.

And now for the JOURNEY’s ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat ace card and the reason I find myself tempted by the fruit of another like that famous meme even though I currently work from a more than perfectly good desk mat: the inclusion of built-in wireless charging. The ALTI includes an attachable/detachable magnetic charging panel capable of wirelessly charging a phone with up to 15W while simultaneously powering up an AirPods case or other wireless charging earbuds – a convenient and space saving design that operates as a landing pad for your mobile peripherals.

Black ALTI wireless charging desk mat with black keyboard and mouse, with upper right hand corner curled to reveal documents tucked inside.

The two layers of vegan leather and felt means you can stow away a few sheets for safe keeping in between.

Side by side black ALTI wireless desk mats, both charging iPhones and AirPods.

A prudent and thoughtful decision was made by the ALTI designers by making the wireless charging panel compatible for either the left or right side of the main desk mat, meaning left-handers can freely move their wireless devices to the right without issue.

Desk set up with black ALTI wireless charging desk mat with monitor setup and eyeglasses and headphones nearby.

Felt ALTI desk mat with iPhone and AirPods charging wirelessly next to all-white Apple keyboard and Magic Mouse.

At $129.99 the ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat doesn’t come cheap, but it might make for a thoughtful gift for the person in your life who values organization and a place for everything.

Source: design-milk

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