The Snail Family in Medieval Art

Thread: everyone knows that medieval art is filled with snails fighting knights, but there’s actually a whole medieval snail ecology and society, from snail-birds to snail-monks. And, ofc, snail-cats.

WARNING: this thread gets very very silly.

Erik Wade presents us with a bestiary of sorts, a collection of medieval snail art that shows how medieval monks combined snails with people, cats, dogs, deer, unicorns, birds, chickens, rabbits, monkeys, pigs, and other creatures.

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Maybe there’s some symbolism here, but I believe that snails are just an easy doodle that you can turn into something else. If you make half the animal a snail, then you don’t have to draw legs or whatever- just a spiral. See the entire post at Threadreader or the nested thread with responses at Twitter. -via Metafilter

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