‘The Stick Chair Book’ Errata

A reader named Jason Stick (he claims that’s his real name) pointed out an error in ‘The Stick Chair Book’ that I’d like to point out to you.

On page 494 of the chapter on the lowback, the text says the resultant angle for the front legs is 25°, and the resultant for the back legs is 28°. But in the drawings, the resultant is shown at 23° for both.

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Here’s the good news: Either will work. Use the 23° resultant if you want to match the cherry lowback shown on the opening page of the chapter. Use 25° and 28° if you want a little more dramatic rake and splay to the legs. I used more drama when I built the first two prototypes of this chair, but then dialed it back for the final chair. I did this mostly so the resultants would match two other chairs in the book (for the sake of simplicity).

Shame on me for not catching this inconsistency, which will appear in the first edition. Bad Zoot!

Printer update: The book is due to ship from the printing plant’s dock on Nov. 5. We are fortunate that it’s Nov. 5 of this year and not next year.

— Christopher Schwarz

Source: lostartpress.com

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