The Strange Underworld of Hobby Tunneling

People build tunnels for myriad reasons, for sewers, subways, or a shortcut through a mountain range, for mining resources, to connect public buildings away from the weather, or to expand real estate. There are clandestine reasons, such as smuggling drugs or breaking out of prison. But one of the oddest reasons dig a tunnel is because it’s fun. Some men find, usually after they complete a digging project, that they enjoy the activity so much they want to continue digging. It might even become an obsession.

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Unknown holes in the ground can be dangerous, or interfere with utility lines and property rights. While this might become a problem when a hobby tunneler doesn’t know what he is doing, really serious digging enthusiasts learn what they need to know. Some have become rather well known in their own circles, while others cause astonishment when their extensive tunnels are discovered. Messy Messy Chic looks at hobby tunnelers of the past and present to see what they dig and why.

(Image: Library of Congress)

Source: neatorama

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