The Strangest Reasons People Sent Food Back

The question at AskReddit was aimed toward restaurant servers: What’s the weirdest reason you’ve had someone send food back? Oh, you better believe the stories came out. They could be many years old, but some customers you never forget.

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Lady sent her burger back, because it had sesame seeds on the bun, which she insisted are ‘made from pork’ and she didn’t eat pork…

We all started doubting our own sanity after a few minutes of back and forth, but rest assured folks, there is indeed no pork in sesame seeds. –Bleepbloopblurph

Not all of them were servers. A few were customers with confessions.

I did this once out of ignorance. I sent a plate back because I told the waiter that they hadn’t rinsed their dishes properly. The food tasted like soap. The waiter looked puzzled and brought me back another plate, which still tasted like dishsoap.

And that was the day I first tasted cilantro. –LeoMarius

And here’s one we should all be on the lookout for.

Someone sent a meal back because it “didn’t taste like anything” and it turned out they had Covid. –MagicPants

You can see a rundown of the 30 funniest stories about food that was sent back to the kitchen at Bored Panda.

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