The Strangest Things Revealed in Wills

Bored Panda unearthed an AskReddit post about the “most interesting, bizarre, offensive, surprising” things contains in wills. The original thread contained many stories about petty and vindictive wills and family secrets revealed, but also some rather funny bequests that are worth sharing. I got a laugh out of this one:

Not a Lawyer, but an aging woman my family knew left her house(large, and in a very affluent neighborhood) and estate to family friends for so long as her cats were alive and taken care of in said house. After they died, the house was to be sold and the remaining estate donated.

The weird thing is, it’s been like 20 years and the cats are still alive.

Also, they’ve changed color.

Ahem. While there are still some entries that smack of revenge beyond the grave or just don’t make any sense at all, the funniest replies managed to float to the top in a ranked list of weird bequests you’ll surely get a kick out of.

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Source: neatorama

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