The Street Sign Skateboard of Benedetto Bufalino

Benedetto Bufalino, an artist from Lyon, France, is known for transforming ordinary objects into whimsical work of art. His famous arts include playable ping pong table made from upside down cars, aquariums built from telephone booths, and many more.

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Bufalino’s latest work of art is a skateboard made from street signposts. He calls this “le poteau cédez le passage skateboard”. 

To create the artwork, bufalino worked with skateboarders from besançon, a city in eastern france which has a burgeoning culture for urban sports. It recently opened the CCUB (center for urban cultures in besançon) which saw a €500,000 renovation of an old tennis club to accomodate various kind including skateboarding, rollerblading and breakdancing.

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Source: neatorama

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