The Struggle of Keeping Your <i>Jeopardy!</i> Winning Streak a Secret

Amy Schneider is on a months-long winning streak on the game show Jeopardy! On Tuesday, she surpassed Matt Amodio to become the second-winningest contestant on the show when she won her 39th game (Ken Jennings is still the champ, winning 74 consecutive games). How long will this continue? A few people know, including Schneider herself, but she’s not telling anyone.

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See, Jeopardy! tapes a week’s worth of shows at a time, and they air a couple of months later. So that’s a long time to keep a TV spoiler to yourself. The show doesn’t stipulate secrecy as a requirement, but encourages it to make the game more fun for viewers. As it was, Schneider held a small party for friends when her first episode aired. They were excited when she won, but had no idea how many times she would go back to defend her title. And they still don’t. Ken Jennings’ boss was in on his winning streak, since he had to miss work again and again for TV tapings. They collaborated on stories to tell other employees about his frequent absences. Now imagine that Schneider won enough money to retire from her job -which could happen. Quitting months before anyone knows why would be an obvious spoiler. What would you do? Read how Schneider and other big Jeopardy! Winners deal with the tension and temptation to tell at The Ringer. -via Digg

Source: neatorama

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