The Sweetest ‘Liquid Gold’ For The Longest-living People In The World

Aiming for a long life? This honey might do you wonders! Ikarian honey is now hailed as the ‘liquid gold’ for longevity. This type of honey is from Ikaria, Greece. The island is home to some of the longest-living people in the world. Their locally sourced honey is part of a healthy diet among Ikarians: 

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[…] Whether it’s stirred into their morning tea or eaten directly by the tablespoon, Ikarians reportedly consume a bit of honey at leasttwice a day.

While it’s certainly tempting to book a flight to Greece for some island-hopping, there’s an easier, more affordable way to find Ikarian honey. Many retailers, like Etsy and Amazon, carry the longevity-loving nectar online, allowing you to buy it from anywhere in the world.

The sticky nectar is loaded with natural proteins and antibacterial enzymes to support gut health and promote healing. It’s also loaded with antioxidants to boost immunity and reduce inflammation, and—thanks to its pollen content—can help withrelief from allergies.

Image credit: Art Rachen

Source: neatorama

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