The Tackiest Interior for a Hypercar You've Ever Seen

Proof that you can’t buy good taste: The Huayra Codalunga is a limited-edition hypercar of which just five will be made, at a starting price of €7 million (USD $7.35 million). For starters, the exterior looks like someone tried to create a series of expensive-to-fabricate surfaces that bear no relation to one another:

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Then you get to the car’s inside:

Well, I just have a million questions.

– Why the hell do the seats have crotches?

– Where do you store the chess pieces that you play on the seat bottoms with?

– Which element on the Periodic Table wasn’t used in the manufacture of the dashboard?

– Does this car come with a fun helmet that has my call sign printed on the front of it?

– Why are there only four individual LED lights to illuminate the grab handle on the door, when you could’ve used 8, preferably blinking and in different colors?

– No cupholder, I see; maybe you could design one I can plug into these USB-A ports?

– Do I have to unscrew the shift knob to use it as a honey dipper, or does it just pop off?

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

– Out of the €7 million I spent on this, which million was spent on not covering the shift console, leaving the linkages exposed?

All in all, this is the visual version of Han Solo’s olfactory experience on Hoth.

Source: core77

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