The TD-MP1 Moppe Apparatus: An Electric Moped Inspired by Synthesizer Aesthetics

Lately we’ve seen a lot of two-wheelers with very techie aesthetics:


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BMW iVision AMBY

BMW Concept CE 02

XION CyberX e-bike

The latest in this line-up is perhaps the designey-est yet: This TD-MP1 Moppe Apparatus, by Swedish designer Torkel Doehmers.

“TD-MP1, a modular lightweight electric ‘moped’ with a design providing smart modularity and ease of use with one purpose. Pure transport with nothing else than low aero racing style ergonomics to cut through the wind in total silence.”

Doehmers describes the bike’s style as “synthesizer aesthetics mating the [Honda] SS50,” and admits that the bike is “not built for optimal practicability, rather as a piece of rideable art–yet with objectives to increase diversity and popularise the use of small electric vehicles…. The TD-MP1 aims to take back the fun of lightweight two-wheeled low-powered transport, what mopeds used to be.”

Interestingly enough, there is no instrument panel; instead there’s just a modular bay for your smartphone, which “becomes the main interface to the vehicle.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

At present Doehmers says he’s got a prototype, and that he’s putting this out there to gauge interest from investors. “Positive response,” he writes, “indicates a small series production potential.”

Source: core77

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