The Teenager Who Stole Queen Victoria’s Panties

Edward Jones was a lifelong criminal. He got started early, and made a real reputation for himself by sneaking into the royal palace during Queen Victoria’s reign. At age 14, he was caught stuffing the queen’s underwear down his pants. Jones had gotten into the palace by dressing as a chimney sweep. Strangely, he was acquitted of the charges, which only emboldened him to return and make somewhat of a career of sneaking into Buckingham Palace.

The boy was very good at getting into the palace. Two years after the original incident, Her Majesty had just given birth to her first child, and Jones climbed a palace wall, walked around the palace, and left undetected. He came back the following night and was discovered in the Queen’s dressing room, hiding under a sofa. He was sentenced to three months in prison, and while the first break-in caught the public’s imagination, the second caught the public’s ire, as concern for the newborn princess overrode the novelty of a kid breaking into the castle.

But almost immediately after Jones’ sentence, he was back. This time he helped himself to a snack, but the palace had increased security, and a guard caught him. Jones was sentenced to three months hard labor, and still more palace guards were added.

Read about “the boy,” as Jones came to known, at the A.V. Club.

Source: neatorama

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