The Tefors Union Line’s Minimalist Design Hides Maximum Capacity

The Tefors Union Line’s Minimalist Design Hides Maximum Capacity

I typically travel with a 13-inch laptop, an iPad, phone, a small snake’s den of cords and cables, a pocketful of miscellaneous items, and an interchangeable lens camera with an extra lens. All that weight makes itself be known over the span of a day, requiring a backpack designed to distribute weight across the body, while keeping those items securely in place. The Tefors Union Line Pack offers a sophisticated solution for such daily needs, characterized by its luggage-like detailing and an adaptive storage system that can be reconfigured easily and quickly.

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With handles stitched onto the top and side, the Tefors Union Line Pack can be carried in three configurations: 1. as a premium leather backpack, 2. across the shoulder as a messenger bag, or 3. carried like a briefcase. This flexible and simple design makes it suitable for both daily commuters and travelers who regularly need to switch the weight of their gear throughout the day (especially helpful while sprinting toward the gate for a departing flight).

Guided by the ethos of designing products as a “representation of the growth and improvement of the craftsman’s set of skills throughout its career span”, Tefors emphasizes their products are designed to fit seamlessly into lives where a bag or backpack might have to carry daily essentials from office to the gym, or for the occasional joy ride or overnight work trips.

Equipped with two detachable shoulder straps, four detachable interior compartments with a large removable Velcro protective divider, a dust bag, connecting zip, and an easily accessible instant access front pocket, versatility is paramount to the appeal of the Union Line Pack, offering a surprisingly capacious interior designed to alleviate one of the greatest hassles while traveling: accessing gear quickly and easily. And thanks to the inclusion of Velcro divider, the interior can be easily reconfigured to hold a variety of objects within – a feature photographers are sure to appreciate greatly.

A bevy of both open and zippered sleeves inside accommodate for most every typical accessory associated with commuting or traveling. A welcome touch is the pack’s rectilinear shape, which makes it easier to squeeze underneath seats or into overhead compartments, while also distributing weight more evenly so the pack doesn’t tip over when placed upon the floor – a detail surely to be appreciated by anyone carrying around precious camera gear within.

All handles and hardware are reinforced to protect against normal wear and tear, with additional leather padding and detailing along the back.

The Union Line Pack by Tefors is a handsome and elevated notion of what a backpack can be, with a leather exterior that should patina finely with every day of use. It’s available today in Nero (black) or Torino (brown) for $330, or in a Torino and Olive combination for $295. See the rest of the

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