The TerpLoc Glassless Jar, for Perfect Cannabis Preservation

At first blush, this might simply look like a robust Ziploc bag:

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In fact it’s a TerpLoc Glassless Jar, produced by Ohio-based Grove Bags, a company that specializes in packaging for cannabis. TerpLoc is the name of the proprietary film the company has developed, with an obsessive focus on ganja preservation:

“TerpLoc Glassless Jars form the optimal cannabis climate, [countering] three primary adversaries of the plant: terpene degradation, moisture loss, & microbial growth. TerpLoc®’s industrial-strength & high barrier elements provide maximum puncture resistance & odor protection, while the anti-static & UV elements create a neutral charge down the sidewall of the packaging to prevent trichomes from being stripped & degraded by harmful UV rays. The last two elements of oxygen & humidity work together to actively diffuse unwanted oxygen & water vapors out of the packaging, to prevent mold growth & maintain optimal humidity levels of 58%-62% RH without the use of costly desiccant packs.”

In addition to preventing spoiled product, the company reckons their Glassless Jar design also cuts out a labor step:

“While Grove Bags TerpLoc® technology eliminates moisture loss, microbial growth, and terpene degradation from damaging the plant medicine, it additionally eliminates the need to manually burp product by hand in the cannabis curing process.”

On their website, Grove Bags sells these to big-dog growers in lots of 1,000. If you want one or two for your personal stash, you’ll have to find a third-party reseller. I did find an Amazon link selling a half-dozen, but reading through the reviews, I’m not convinced those aren’t knock-offs. A growing problem, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Source: core77

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