The Trailo Office Desk's Metal Rail System for Accessories

Laufer & Keichel, an industrial design firm based in Berlin, designed this Trailo desk for office furniture manufacturer Reiss.

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The largely unseen core of the desk is a sheet metal schiene (rail) system, which provides a lot of flexibility for customers:

“TRAILO is an office table program with a wide range of accessories. The centrepiece is the REISS SCHIENE™?, a sheet metal profile positioned under the tabletop that accommodates various types of table legs, but also a variety of add-ons.”

“Some of these add-ons – acoustic panel, document tray and monitor holder – can be moved freely along the REISS SCHIENE™? via a trolley. No tools are needed to assemble and move the add-ons.”

“The product is designed in such a way that it can be produced on an Industry 4.0 system in batch size one.”

Here’s a better look at how the accessories integrate with the rail:

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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