The Trendiest Baby Names of Each Year

Every year, there is one name that breaks out for new babies that was either never used before or extremely rare and becomes the thing for that year, for both boy and girl babies. Nathan Yau at Flowing Data dug up those unique names that became trendy for either sex in each year since 1930 in the US. Some of those trendy names grew in popularity over the years, but the longer they stay around, the less “trendy” they are. You can look at the year and figure out why for a lot of them. Delano is obviously for president Roosevelt, Jermaine came along with the Jackson Five (because ghe name Michael was too established to be trendy). Lavar trended the year Roots debuted. Leonidas wasn’t a thing until the 2007 movie 300 was, and no one named a baby Kylo before 2016. What I don’t understand is how Tammy, Denise, and Hazel made the chart for boy’s names.  

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I love how the girls chart begins with Marlene, Harlene, and Sharleen. Scarlett (1939) and Sabrina (1954) were from movies. Samantha and Tabitha trended with the series Bewitched. Coretta, which trended in 1968, is the name of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s widow. Rhiannon, Evita, Alanis, Charlize, and Coraline are right where you’d expect. See both charts and read about the trends at Flowing Data.  

(Image credit: Tamaki Sono)

Source: neatorama

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