The T'ROI Chair, Designed for Elderly Independence

“We are now living in a world of a rapidly aging population, one that demands us to rethink existing life patterns,” writes Lucerne-based product designer Sarah Hossli. “How must we adapt homes and urban spaces to ensure that all members of society can live in a self-reliant and independent way and are able to maintain social networks?”

After observing the challenges elderly folk can have with simply taking or vacating a seat, Hossli designed these T’ROI chairs:

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“We should support people in need of care in living as independently as possible to increase and enhance social interaction with others. Due to strength loss and age-related impairments, the transition from staying to sitting has become challenging for elderly people, limiting their freedom in everyday life.”

“With its extended armrests, the chair enables residents to sit down and get up by themselves. Residents feel confident to move around and meet other people.”

The “residents” Hossli refers to are from Generationenhaus Neubad, the combination retirement home/child daycare center with whom Hossli collaborated on the design.

Source: core77

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