The True Story That Inspired <i>Dead Ringers</i>

If you’ve seen the new Amazon Prime series Dead Ringers, or if you saw the 1988 movie starring Jeremy Irons (shown above), or if you read the novel Twins, then you might want to learn a little about the real life twin New York gynecologists they were inspired by.  

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Stewart and Cyril Marcus were prominent and talented gynecologists that were renowned for saving difficult pregnancies. But they were only 45 years old when they were both found dead in the apartment they shared. That was the end point of a decline that involved mental illness, drug abuse, weight loss, withdrawal, and loss of employment. That the identical twins had died together was a shock to New York City, and the fact that authorities didn’t want to talk about it made the story even more intriguing. A few months after they were found dead in 1975, writer Linda Wolfe, who was a patient of Cyrus Marcus, did her own research on the doctors and their deaths for New York magazine. Vulture has reprinted that article, so we can all know the doctors who left behind a bizarre pop culture legacy. -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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