The Truth About Red Wine: Is It Really Good for Your Gut?

They say that if you want to lose weight or to have a healthy gut but don’t want to give up alcoholic drinks altogether, then red wide would be the best alternative to other liquor like beer. However, researchers say that there is no proof to suggest that red wine provides such benefits.

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Researchers looked at the self-reported drinking habits of 916 female twins in the UK, and cross-checked their findings in similar groups from the US and Belgium. They found women who drank red wine had more diverse gut micro-organisms.

They also noted that women who drank red wine tended to have a lower body mass index (BMI), which their analyses suggested might be related to the effect on gut micro-organisms.

Despite these findings, the researchers said that there may be other factors contributing to gut diversity and lower body mass index. Furthermore, it is not advisable to drink red wine if one wants to lose weight or stay healthy.

As the researchers made clear, any potential beneficial effects on red wine intake could possibly be achieved by drinking just 1 glass of red wine every 2 weeks.

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