The Truth About Vampire Hunting Kits

You’ve seen pictures of these cool-looking vampire hunting kits. We posted about them four times between 2006 and 2011. One brought $14K at auction! They are purported to be 150-200 years old, and contain tools like a cross, a Bible, a stake, a gun, and bottles of what we may presume would be things like holy water and garlic. People who pay huge sums for these don’t take into account that no record of such kits exist before the 20th century. Yes, they’re fake.

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But the takedown at Fake History Hunter has some intriguing details. While the kits themselves are not real vampire killing kits from previous centuries, the items contained in them often are pretty old. People who make these use very old wooden boxes, manufacture the bespoke linings, and fill them with antique objects that could be from different places and eras. As someone who collects old bottles, this makes me want one even more. But I wouldn’t spend a lot of money for it. -via Strange Company

Source: neatorama

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