The Tulipan Pod: A One-Person Workspace You Can Close for Privacy

Danish furniture brand +Halle has unveiled their new Tulipan Pod, a soft-sided, enclosable workspace. In their words, it’s “a piece of furniture that offers a moment of separateness without the feeling of closing the door on its surroundings.”

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“Developed by London-based design studio Industrial Facility in response to our 4th Annual Briefing* based on the theme of ‘defining’, TULIPAN suggests a softer form for private space in the open plan. It’s not a room per se. Neither is it a phone booth. Instead, it’s a micro-quiet space where a comfortable seat and a small table work together to form an imminent architectural element.”

Apologies for the lack of a link to the product; at press time the Tulipan Pod was not yet up on +Halle’s website.


*The company holds annual briefings with designers, urban planners, architects and behavioral scientists. These are mini think-tanks where they investigate themes based on human behavior in public spaces.

Source: core77

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