The U.S. Government is Auctioning Off Six Lighthouses

Have you ever dreamed of living by the shore, but thought you could never afford a home there? You might want to rethink that dream, since the U.S. General Services Administration has six lighthouses up for auction right now, with bids starting as low as $10,000 to $15,000. They are all historic buildings on the waterfront. There is a catch or two: the auctions are for the buildings only, and the government will retain ownership of the land beneath them (which is underwater). Also, you must agree to restore and even upgrade the lighthouses.

One lighthouse being auctioned off, the historic Chesapeake Bay lighthouse, is just two miles from the Baltimore shores. The other five being sold are on Michigan’s Great Lakes. The most expensive, by far, is the Minneapolis Shoal Light which is situated on the Great Lakes Public Trust bottomlands in Lake Michigan. Its bidding will extend until August 15th. The Craighill Lower Range Front Light Station, located off North Point State Park in the Chesapeake Bay, is also for sale and will be auctioned until September 15th.

Read more about the auction at Inhabitat. -via Mental Floss

Source: neatorama

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