The Unique Bristle Configuration of the Collis Curve Toothbrush

Most of us take the ability to brush our teeth, making all of those fine circular movements, for granted. But for those with cognitive and developmental disabilities, or for paralyzed individuals whose teeth are brushed by a caregiver, those motions can be difficult-to-impossible to execute. An assistive device has been developed in the Collis Curve toothbrush, with a unique bristle configuration that cleans teeth more thoroughly with less complicated motions required:

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– Adaptive device for limited manual dexterity, i.e. Parkinson’s disease and arthritis

– Preferred by caregivers, occupational therapists, dental hygienists, dentists, care homes, and hospitals for assisted brushing

– Cleans around braces, crowns, and implants

– Quick and easy brushing technique

– Reaches into pockets and recessed gumlines

The Colllis Curve was invented by dentist George Collis following his experiences brushing his father’s teeth, who suffered from Parkinson’s. The company offers five different sizes, covering children’s mouths all the way up to elderly mouths that contain implants or dental appliances.

Here’s an illustration of the physics of the bristle configuration’s efficacy:

Source: core77

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