The US Air Force Has a New Peeing Option for Pilots

Military pilots may have to stay airborne and ready for action for long periods of time–long enough that they desperately need to urinate. One unfortunately common response for this need has been for pilots to intentionally dehydrate themselves to reduce their need to pee. But this also impairs their physical endurance and mental concentration.

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The US Air Force recently announced a new type of urinal that may alleviate this problem. The Skydrate by Omni Defense Tech is major innovation in airborne toileting. The male version cups around the pilot’s penis and sucks excreted urine into a bag.

The female version resembles a huge plastic maxi pad that, when wedged into the user’s groin, likewise pulls away urine and collects it into a bag attached to the flightsuit.

This brilliant invention could also be implemented at other workplaces. Just imagine how much more blogging could get done at Neatorama if authors no longer had to go to the restroom during their shifts.

-via Core 77 | Photos: Omni Defense Tech

Source: neatorama

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