The US Army Corps of Engineers 2023 Cat Calendar

The Portland district of the US Army Corps of Engineers, being a federal agency, decided against producing a calendar with their workers posing shirtless, like so many volunteer fire departments. Those are usually fundraisers anyway, and federal agencies don’t do that. Instead, they give us something much better -a free downloadable cat calendar! But these aren’t just any old cats, they are giant cats that interact with the dams and other infrastructure along the Columbia, Williamette, and Rogue Rivers in Oregon. Sometimes the interactions are benign, sometimes they are nefarious, but they are always very much as giant cats would act. 

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Twelve months of pictures of cats and dams are already nice, but the captions are just silly enough to add value to an already-perfect project. Who says engineers have no sense of humor? You can download and/or print the 2023 calendar here. -via Metafilter

(Images credit: US Army Corps of Engineers/Public Domain)

Source: neatorama

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