The Victory Garden Guide

World War II presented a problem for much of America – more people than ever lived in cities and did not cultivate gardens, while the demand for foodstuffs for the armed forces could not be met without impacting the civilian supply.

What to do? The government’s answer was to appeal to the patriotism of the citizenry to grow much of their own food via what was to become known as a Victory Garden.

Realizing that many people had never grown their own fruits and vegetables, the government produced a guide that told the would-be gardener everything he/she needed to know to do so. It was quite the success, with naturally-competitive Americans vying to out-garden their neighbors. And, hey, we won the war, didn’t we?

The government manual for Victory Gardens has not become obsolete with the passage of the decades and can still serve as a comprehensive guide for the home gardener. You may download your own copy here.

Source: neatorama

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