The Viral TikTok Channel That Reviews Public Bathroom Sinks

Bored out of his gourd, during the pandemic Dean Peterson started a TikTok where he earnestly reviewed public bathroom sinks. An example:

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It’s strangely compelling, no? Other’s thought so too. Peterson, a then-unemployed NYC filmmaker, continued populating the channel, and Sink Reviews went viral. It gained over 800,000 followers, with routine six-figure view counts on individual videos, with some tipping into the millions.

One of his hits was what he deemed the worst bathroom sink in New York:

Peterson rates the sinks on a scale of “0 sinks” to “5 sinks,” and one of his rare 5-sink ratings landed over 4 million views:

He roasted the designey and ineffectual sinks at the MoMA, which again yielded millions of clicks:

After cranking out over a hundred sink reviews, eventually, inevitably, Peterson burned out. (The channel remains live, with all of the sink reviews intact.) Here Peterson tells the tale of what the experience was like:

Source: core77

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