The Way American Healthcare Screwed This Couple Is Just Sick

Health care in the U.S seems to be one of those topics that can divide up a room quickly. What is the best system? What’s wrong with the current system? Who can implement the best ideas? Well, according to the Pew Research Center, regardless of income, 83% of Americans say that the high cost of medical treatments is what makes quality care unaffordable to the public.

If you have never been forced to take a hard look at the medical system in action it may be difficult to understand exactly how much these treatments can be. So someone on Reddit re-shared the story of a 71-year-old man who lost his wife to cancer, and the the toll the expense of medical care took on their lives. Scroll down below to read the post, it may shock you.

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Someone recently shared a story to explain why the U.S health care system is “inhumane”


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It was a post from a 71-year-old man:

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