The Weekly Design Roast #12

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“My research shows that people often misplace chairs. What could be more frustrating than getting back to your desk, only to discover you’ve lost the chair again? Well, with my design, that never happens!”

“I’ve joined the legion of clever designers who design a thing that doesn’t work well, but is cool because it’s made out of another thing.”

“I designed this sofa for people who have friends who smell and/or have annoyingly loud voices.”

“Here’s a great application for generative design: Wine decanters that are impossible to clean with a bottle brush.”

“I designed this chair so that I could read a book while my wife scans the lawn for intruders.”

“It’s true that pushing it shut and zipping it closed makes it very difficult to get in and out of, but it’s worth it for those times when I want to undress in the middle of the living room when I’m having people over.”

“I designed this so that I can walk and text in the rain. It doesn’t leave my hands free to hold an umbrella, but what’s more important, keeping myself dry or my phone dry?”

“I like my cylindrical tiny home, but sometimes when the neighborhood kids roll it down a hill, I do wish I had chosen a different shape.”

“I wanted to combine the beauty of living in nature with the inconvenience of a three-story walk-up.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

“I’ll tell you when he goes to lunch, then all you’ll have to do is sneak in and loosen two bolts. It’ll look like an accident, and we’ll split the insurance money fifty-fifty.”

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