The Weekly Design Roast, #17

“My seating design philosophy is simple: You can have a self-supporting fastener-free structure that no one asked for, or you can have comfort. You cannot have both.”

“If you’ve ever seen a cat eating in the wild, then you know that their food needs to be elevated and angled towards them. And my Mr. Pibbles is pretty finicky about ergonomics.”

“Typical rocking chairs requires the user’s feet to be on the ground, to provide the leverage to rock. My design requires the user to put their whole body into it instead. It’s a fun workout, and you look really cool pumping back and forth.”

“My design professors always said ‘Form Follows Seashell.'”

“If the toxic chemicals in memory foam are giving us cancer, shouldn’t our dogs enjoy the same privilege?”

“I’ve always wondered, ‘How can I make a common game less ergonomic and more difficult to visually absorb?'”

“Sure, it’s more convenient to shred cheese into a bowl that you can easily empty and clean, but I wanted to use something with sharp interior corners that must be scraped out. Also, the drawer housing itself gives me another item to reach inside of and clean. Fun!”

“No, I don’t really need any of this crap, but I wanted to see how much stuff I could get HR to buy for my office if I kept complaining.”

“Drink coasters should definitely have sloppily-applied brass stickers on the corners for protection.”

“Yes, flat roofs are terrible at shedding rainwater. Yes, the concrete roofs do not have enough structural support. Yes, I ignored the engineers who urged me to reinforce the steel supporting structures. But the building didn’t almost collapse until a few years after I died, so it wasn’t my problem.”

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