The Weekly Design Roast, #24

This bar clamp was designed into a “clever” bookshelf. The serrated edges of the bar will of course mar the bottom of your books; you’ll get a nice divot in the cover of the outermost book/ and who doesn’t want to crank/uncrank a handle every time they remove/replace a book? (Not to mention, if you want to add a book that’s more than double the width of the distance from the bar to the wall, you’ll have to hold the book in place while you screw the clamp down.)

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“Right over the area where you bend over to retrieve books, we placed a staggered series of sharp edges. In an effort to be inclusive, we want people of all heights to have the opportunity to catch their heads on the corners.”

True story: This 5 1/4-quart Le Creuset Cast-Iron Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Signature Roaster costs $450. I think that’s more than the actual bounty they paid Boba Fett to capture Han.

“By making the horizontal bars protrude outwards as they go down, we hope to discourage short people from reaching the good stuff at the top.”

True story: This self-adhesive plastic film depicting a photorealistic version of pine grain costs $42 to cover a 24″ x 48″ area. At my local home center, you can buy the same amount of actual pine (3/4″ thick) for about 16 bucks, and not have to add plastic and adhesive chemicals to your project.

“As per law, we made sure one of the bathroom sinks was at wheelchair height. (There’s nothing in the law about needing room under the sink to actually fit a wheelchair user’s legs, so we stuck with our fun yellow barrel concept throughout.)”

When you didn’t start your Transportation Design project until the last minute so you repurpose a model from last semester’s Footwear Design class.

“We designed our full-length dressing room mirrors so that people can only see three sections of their body, and what those sections are, varies according to the person’s height. Fun!”

“I wanted a more new-school way to get my fingers pinched in a door.”

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