The Weekly Design Roast, #25

Children’s beds, for parents who are very confident in their stud-finding abilities

Benefits of this Lucite bar stool:

1) Curled bottom area catches and displays bar snack crumbs, spilled beer

2) Clear footrest clearly reveals dirt left from shoe soles

3) Scratches easily

4) Becomes more invisible the more you drink

Some assembly (and PhD in Spatial Geometry) required

“I’m going to climb into our ‘sofa’ now, which of course requires both arms. Can you throw me that book once I’m in the middle?”

Perfect for holding your coffee while you’re walking through rain that’s coming in at a 45-degree angle. And you can tip it back to drink when the rain comes in from the other direction at a 45-degree angle.

“Hey Jeff, are you and Stacy free this afternoon? I need some extra hands to turn my seating area back into a white sphere”

“The client I designed this for is a couple that fights a lot, but that still want to watch the same TV shows at the same time”

“Most of the time, it’s a chair for one. But it transforms, for when you want to sit in a shallow sofa with a backrest at armrest height, and armrests at backrest height, next to someone else.”

“By artfully twisting the backrest to change places with the seating surface, I was able to reduce the sofa’s capacity from four people to two, without losing the four-person footprint.”

This “Telekinetic Obstacle Course” is an alternative to ghosting or having uncomfortable “We need to talk” conversations. Simply put the headset on and stare intently at the objects, saying nothing. After a couple hours/days of this, your girlfriend will break up with you automatically.

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