The Weekly Design Roast, #26: Special Tesla Cybertruck Edition

When you go from the first napkin sketch straight into production.

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“They said if we converted the CAD file from IGES to DXF we were going to lose some data. I told them we didn’t mind.”

“Someone borrowed my French curves and never gave them back. I can’t draw freehand, so all I had to design this car with was a ruler.”

“Originally it looked much different, but we accidentally dropped the clay model on the floor right before we scanned it, and thought it actually looked kind of cool.”

“I designed this car because I’m that guy who always leaves my coffee cup on the roof while getting in, then drives off. The angle of the roofline will ensure I can’t do that.”

“We had to compromise and lose some of the elements from the renderings. For instance, the original wheels were supposed to be square.”

True story: The rear cover retracts like a motorized blind; it turns a corner at the roofline and travels down along the rear window before rolling up into the front of the truck bed. So I guess if it rains before you retract it, this will be the first pickup truck that harvests its own drinking water for the passengers.

“We opted for a telescoping ramp because we don’t imagine that anyone who actually buys this truck would ever step on it while wearing muddy boots.”

“This truck HAD to be made with an impact-resistant ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless steel. Because we made the sidewalls so tall and angled, our testing showed that every time someone tried to throw something into the bed from the sides, as is common, they missed and hit the metal instead.”

“You’ll notice the driver- and front-seat-passenger-seats are different; only the driver has a height-adjustable headrest. We didn’t want to spend the money on doing that for the passenger seat, because chances are you won’t be carrying any, since your friends won’t want to be seen in this car.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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