The Weekly Design Roast, #31

“Someone once rearranged these to spell out ‘OPEN PLAN SUCKS.’ We terminated them immediately.”

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“My roommate has a permanent crick in his neck, so his books go in the middle.”

“The blueprints got crumpled coming off of the plotter. The contractor did the best he could.”

True story: This two-piece, high-end Squatty Potty alternative is designed to nest one inside the other to save space. It also gives you a fun activity to futz your way through right before you take a dump.

“Our research shows that most framers not only want the waffle head, but a slippery wooden handle and a nearly flat claw that’s unusable for de-nailing.”

“Limited Edish, yo.”

“Our design firm specializes in ergonomics.”

In the way that some people have a fear of clowns, I have a fear of this table.

“The design brief was to make it difficult to select the knife that you want.”

“I wanted a front door that me and a flock of crows could all enter at the same time. It’s also great for letting moths in at night.”

Source: core77

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