The Weird Ways We Pay for Things

This little skit may seem funny in a “back in my day…” way, but the way we pay for things today is altogether weird. I got used to paying for everything with a credit card because of the points, but then stores won the right to add a surcharge for their expenses, so I try to have some cash on me lately for small purchases. Most of my regular bills go to a credit card automatically, and I pay that once a month with a phone transfer from the bank. I use PayPal for mail order. My kids use debit cards and Venmo. Or at least one does; the other doesn’t have any money, so it’s all credit.  

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I still write checks for bills where the drive-through window is close by, and for taxes. But stores either won’t take checks at all, or they don’t need you to fill them out at all because they just run the check through a machine and get the money transferred. It never occurred to me that a store would give up on checks because the cashiers can’t read cursive. But I’m not surprised that young people don’t write checks. The banks won’t let you open a checking account until you’re 18, and by then it’s a bit late to get your parents to show you how to do it. Now I’ll step down from my soap box and let you tell us how you feel. -via Nag on the Lake

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