The Weirdest Statues of the American Presidents

There are statues of various American presidents all over, with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln leading the pack. But you’ve probably never seen the sexy young shirtless Lincoln depicted in the statue shown here, which stands at the US Courthouse in Los Angeles.

Artist James Hansen entered this design into a Public Works contest in 1940 and won $7200. He used the money to buy a car which he then wrecked the next week, presumably because he was distracted thinking about Abe’s abs.

Another copy of the statue exists, in the D.C. Office of Public Records.

Presidential statues can go wrong because of artistic trends that don’t stand up over time, or unexpected problems in production, or the artist’s lack of talent, or deliberate disrespect. See 13 unexpectedly weird statues of presidents in a list at Plodding Through Presidents.  -via Strange Company  

(Image credit: Flickr user Michael)

Source: neatorama

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