The Wild Life of First Daughter Alice Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt never knew what to do with his daughter Alice. On February 14, 1884, Roosevelt’s mother died just hours before his beloved wife Alice died. He could not face raising the daughter she had borne two days earlier, nor could he bring himself to speak her name, which was the same as her mother’s. Baby Alice was sent to live with her aunt, and only became part of the family when Teddy remarried and then had five more children. But Alice was always the odd one out, never getting along with her stepmother and always rebelling.

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As a teenager in the White House after Roosevelt became president, Alice continued her contrary ways, by interrupting presidential meetings, drinking, driving around with boys, and smoking on the roof. She became a media star when her debutante ball was held at the White House, and the papers began following her every move. She was called everything from a guttersnipe to a princess, but she refused to conform to expectations. President Roosevelt thought he had the problem of Alice figured out when he began sending her overseas as an informal diplomat, but instead of keeping her out of the national headlines, her foreign antics continued to draw the press. Read the story of the First Daughter who refused to play the part at Messy Nessy Chic.    

(Image credit: Théobald Chartran)

Source: neatorama

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